Why silicone cooking utensils are environmentally friendly?
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Why silicone cooking utensils are environmentally friendly?

Views: 101     Author: Anthony     Publish Time: 2023-09-28      Origin: Kitchen Plus

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Why silicone cooking utensils are environmentally friendly?

1. The crystal of all silicone non-toxic utensil sets is a highly active substance

Silica gel is a chemical substance that can be divided into different types, such as high toxin, mild toxin, non-toxic and non-conflict, and slow conflict. However, the crystals or fine particles of all silicone cookware utensils are highly active substances that do not cause any conflict or reaction and do not contain any radioactive toxins when they come in contact with other substances and chemicals. Even when silicone products are burned, squeezed, or subjected to other types of damage, they do not release toxic fumes. Therefore, silicone material is often used as a filling material and combined with various additives to create non-toxic and environmentally friendly products.


2. All silicone nontoxic utensil sets are processed by high-temperature cooling

Kitchen tools manufacturers use a production and processing method for silicone kitchen utensils. It involves cutting the utensils from raw materials and then forming and vulcanizing them at a high temperature of over 200 degrees. A vulcanizing agent is added to the process, which mainly consists of sulfur and sulfur compounds. Vulcanization molding happens when the sulfur and sulfur compounds are heated, pressurized, and cooled in a high-temperature environment, creating a fixed and molded product. This process cures the silicone and makes it suitable for use in kitchenware. As a silicone kitchen utensils wholesale factory, we use sulfide elements such as quinone compounds, resins, metal oxides, and amine compounds. We ensure that the material treatment has no negative impact on the environment.


3. All silicone non-toxic utensil sets use high-quality raw materials

Silica is the primary component of all-silicone kitchenware that cures. It is a colorless and tasteless substance that is present in the majority of raw materials used to make these utensils. Solid all-silicone kitchen utensils are made mainly of silica. This substance does not react with any substances except for hydrofluoric acid and hot concentrated phosphoric acid compounds. Silicone resin is a type of thermosetting polysiloxane polymer that has excellent chemical properties, electrical insulation, and high and low-temperature resistance, as well as water resistance. Apart from silica gel, it can be used in various fields.


To put it simply, premium silicone kitchen utensils are environmentally friendly and non-toxic because non-toxic and eco-friendly materials are used in blending and fusing raw materials.

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