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Kitchen Plus Co., Ltd.
Yangjiang Kitchen Plus Enterprise Co., LTD has been specializing in kitchenware manufacturing since 2008, including cutting boards, peelers, utensils and kitchen accessories. Along with the success in the past, we take enthusiasm to share our experience with and benefit all the customers all over the world directly. By embracing the experience of ODM and OEM business for so many years, it is believed that Kitchen Plus will be your reliable partner as always.
Brief of Factory
Our factory covers an area of 6000 square meters, including 4000 square meters of workshop and 2000 square meters of warehouse. The workshop consists of a nature-ventilated workshop and enclosed dust-free workshops, the latter of which is used for producing kitchenware that will directly into contact with food, such as cutting boards and silicone utensils. We have 22 Plastic injection molding machines, 12 of which are equipped with manipulator arms, which can significantly improve efficiency and ability of quality control.
Product Development and Design
Driven by the expectation of our outstanding customers, we have a sophisticated understanding of the kitchenware market, keep in step with the latest product development, and are in a position to provide creative and potential products in accordance with the latest market trends.
Our inspiration for product design is derived from modern aesthetics, professional chef and feedback from the end customers. Our new products combine the most innovative ideas from creative designers and rigorous analysis from leading engineers, committing to helping our customers to explore the most challenging market.
Your Reliable Partner
Long-term collaboration with the most famous brands around the world constantly improves our production capacity and quality control ability, prompting our workers and engineers to accumulate rich experience in producing high-quality products.
We carry out strict inspection and monitoring for the entire QC process, including IQC (Incoming Quality Control), IPQC (In-Process Quality Control), FQC (Final Quality Control) and OQC (Out-going Quality Control), ensuring that the products can meet the customers’ expectations.
Kitchen Plus is committed to achieving your 100% satisfaction and being your reliable and trustworthy partner.
Kitchen Plus has been in operation since 2008. Throughout the years, we have utilized the latest innovative technologies to design, develop, and produce a diverse selection of high-quality kitchenware.
  +86 13829894689
   East of Chicheng Road 3, South of New Industrial Ave, Beiguan Town, Yangdong District, Yangjiang City, Guangdong Province, China
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