Pros and Cons of Plastic Cutting Boards.
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Pros and Cons of Plastic Cutting Boards.

Views: 188     Author: Anthony     Publish Time: 2023-06-21      Origin: Kitchen Plus

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Pros and Cons of Plastic Cutting Boards.


Suitable for all kinds of Foods

A plastic cutting board is a great option for working with raw chicken, beef, fish, and other raw meats. Since plastic cutting boards are not porous, bacteria from raw meat cannot be trapped. When you need cutting boards for raw meat, a plastic board works well. Aside from being a board for raw meat, plastic cutting boards can be used to cut any vegetables, fruits, breads, cheese, and other food.

Easy to Clean

A plastic board is usually easier to clean than a wood board because they only need to be cleaned with water and soap. It does not need to be dried in a specific position and can quickly be wiped down with a dishtowel. This makes it easy to switch between different foods that need to be cut without cross-contamination. Besides, it is totally dishwasher safe and will not swell or warp in due to moisture.


Color-coded cutting boards help identify which cutting boards are suitable for a particular use, making it less likely to cut lettuce on the same board you just used for prepping raw poultry. Color-coded can always remind you of being aware of cross-contamination and therefore help to prevent the transfer of harmful bacteria from contaminated boards.

Sturdy And Lightweight

Plastic is structurally stronger than wood. Therefore, plastic cutting boards need not be as thick as wooden ones and are more space-efficient. This makes plastic boards easier to move around and maneuver. It also means that they’ll easily fit into your dishwasher.


Dulling Knife

Plastic cutting boards are often less expensive than wood. However, plastic boards are known to dull knives more quickly (although not as much as glass) and can be harsh on sharp blades.


When using a plastic cutting board, it's important to be mindful of scratches as they will not self-heal on their own like end grain wood boards. Excessive wear and tear on plastic boards can harbor bacteria and potentially harm your health, so it's crucial to regularly check for signs of damage.

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