How Many Shapes and Types of Cutting Board Do You Know?
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How Many Shapes and Types of Cutting Board Do You Know?

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How Many Shapes and Types of Cutting Board Do You Know?

It can be weirdly difficult to choose a kitchen cutting board, as the shape can vary significantly while the type of cutting board can be classified according to the specific usage.

Shapes of Cutting Boards

Rectangular: Rectangular is the most popular and practical shape of kitchen cutting board, allowing you to prep many ingredients in one space. It is also an ideal shape for meat cutting board.

Square: Square cutting boards, like oval cutting boards, are designed to accommodate square-shaped foods. They are ideal for cutting up sandwiches or displaying fruits and cheese.

Round: Round cutting boards are smaller than their rectangular counterparts and are ideal for prepping ingredients that require you to rotate your board, although they are not as common.

Oval: An oval cutting board has rounded edges like a circular cutting board but is also the size of a rectangular cutting board. You can also find options that are designed to accommodate specific food shapes, such as loaves of bread.

Types of Cutting Board

Standard Cutting Board: A cutting board is a highly versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks, such as chopping vegetables, bread, and preparing meat. The standard size of a kitchen cutting board is usually 12 by 18 inches, with a thickness ranging from 1, 1/2 to 2 inches.

Bread Cutting Board: Bread cutting boards are different from regular cutting boards as they come with a slatted surface that ensures crumbs fall into the bottom container. This feature makes cleaning easier. Moreover, bread cutting boards are long enough to accommodate large loaves of bread and baguettes.

Butcher Block: Butcher blocks are heavy and durable cutting boards that are significantly thicker than typical kitchen cutting boards. They are primarily used to butcher meat and are made of end-grain wood and therefore can be ideal meat cutting board.

Carving board: Carving boards are typically the same size as regular cutting boards, but they come equipped with grooves and troughs to prevent juices from spilling. Additionally, some models feature helpful guidelines to assist with proper meat carving techniques.

Flexible Mat: A flexible mat is a thin cutting board made of a flexible material, such as polyethylene, used to protect countertops from damage and transfer chopped ingredients to a cooking pot or pan.

Serving Board: Serving cutting boards, also referred to as charcuterie boards, have a unique finish and various features that are specifically designed to create an enticing display when serving bread, cheese, or meats.




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